Varsity Football · Friday Night WHITE

By Milyk Zinn (12)

Coach White gets in his element before the game by listening to music.

Douglas County High School’s football team has had many victorious seasons before and plan to continue their legacy. The achievements and success the Tigers have received could not have been accomplished without the strong leadership team behind the football program. This team is spearheaded by our head coach, Johnny White, who has been coaching for approximately twenty five years.

When asked why did he started coaching football, White stated, “I always looked up to my coaches and one changed my life, which made me want to do the same one day for young men playing this sport.” His two favorite quotes guide his coaching philosophy. They are, “You will either hurt during the week getting ready or hurt Friday night losing,” and “If you work hard, you will always beat someone with just talent.”

Coach White has quite an impressive coaching resume. Although White has enjoyed coaching and bringing victory to many other teams, Douglas County has proven to be one of his favorite teams. His love for this school and these boys drives him to dream for their future. When questioned about where he sees them in the future, White lists his goals as, “I’m hoping to potentially have a great and special year,  for the guys to stay focused, and  to win regionals.”

Coach White gives credit to his team when they perform and instructs them on how to improve when he sees the opportunity.

Coach White never fails to give his team advice, and he says words of encouragement before each game, hoping to really touch the players.  One game he said, “Whatever you decide to do, make sure you work hard and give it your all because nothing in your life will ever be handed to you– just like this game. So… get out there tonight and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!”  This underscores his mentality of coaching the man and not just the athlete.  As an academic teacher in an End of Course Milestone class (Economics), Coach White covers so many areas that matter when it comes to success—academics, work ethic, and character.  The TIGER NATION can’t wait to see all in play tonight as we take on New Manchester.