Varsity Football · DC Football–Game Day Rituals

By: Jordan Price, 11

Tomorrow brings another fun-filled night with the DC TIGERS, and like many sports, the Varsity Football team has developed a few routines for before, during, and after the games. They have an interesting collection of habits, superstitions, and rituals that they always undertake. Whether it’s Strong Safety, Jaylan Harris, 11, wearing his “freshly washed uniform and ‘lucky’ underwear” or Center, Joshua Beatty, 12, wearing his “favorite gloves”, nearly everyone has a unique tradition true to themselves.

This is true for the team as a whole, too. Prior to every game, the team will turn on a speaker in the locker room and “listen and rap along to music by artists like Lil Deuce, Gunna, NBA Youngboy, Lil Keed, and Kodak Black” according to Defensive End, Jon Jefferson, 11. Listening to fast paced music is an easy way for the team to get energized and “hype” before the game ahead. Music is also a great way to get rid of any pre-game jitters and calm down before kickoff. After all of the sing alongs and pep talks are done, the team gears up for the game and makes their way out to “lock arms and walk across the field” as Defensive Tackle, Kyren Thomas (K.T.), 11, informs. The “Locking Arms” tradition has been a part of Douglas County High School for many years. It is a clear sign of solidarity among the players, a message, if you will, for their opponents. Once the team walks the field, some players voluntarily group together in a huddle to recite a prayer. Then?  SHOWTIME!

The Varsity Football Team created these rituals to bring the entire team closer together and build a sense of brotherhood. They agree to go the extra mile to see each other succeed to their fullest potential–so that means they SHOW each other the commitment through these rituals and hard work. And another perk? These game day antics add to the fun and make memories the boys are likely to remember for a lifetime.