Tigers News · Tigers Go to Washington

The Douglas County High School Leadership team earned a free trip to the nation’s capital, after qualifying for the national championship of the JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl.  The team, comprised of Leine Frutoz, Faith Guger, Yanhari Molina-Castro, and Michael Smith, competed in the following areas: Leadership Style, JROTC Curriculum, Famous Generals, and STEM concepts.

The team also competed in a Leadership Reaction Course, a competition testing creative thinking and effective group command.


The Tigers hard work earned them a 5th place overall finish. Yanhari Molina-Castro said the following about her experience:“My experience throughout this whole trip was inspiring. Having the chance to meet new people and getting a better idea of becoming a better leader.”

The Tigers look for further success in 2020, when they will compete in the Academic Bowl, in addition to the Leadership Bowl.